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This southern city is known for having optimum land to grow cotton, asparagus, beans, citrics, and vineyards. These fields mix well together with the vast desert, dunes, and valleys.  Excellent sunny weather all year long.

Important cultures developed within this area: Nazca and Paracas, which left a precious legacy that can be witnessed today.

The Paracas national reserve is a natural area surrounded by rocky formations and beaches that shelter sea lions, otters, pinguins, dolphins, and over two hundred species of birds such as “aves guaneras,” migratory birds, and flamencos.

The Nazca lines are one of the biggest riddles in archeology worldwide, with kilometers of lines forming drawings of animals that go through the desert in geometric forms. Some examples are the hummingbird, the monkey, the spider, and even ahead of time, you can appreciate what could be an astronaut figure.

Visiting the wine producing areas of the zone is very rewarding. Not only do they produce wine, but also “Pisco” as well.  Some of these places produce it in an artisan way and others in an industrial scale where you can learn the process of the elaboration and try many different types of drinks deriving from it.