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Arequipa is known as the white city for its imposing snow-capped mountains and volcanoes that adorn its streets from every angle of the city, and beautiful white walls made of sillar, a stone of volcanic origin. Declared as a cultural patrimony by Unesco in the year 2000. A colonial architecture is appreciated with a baroque-mestizo twist.

Within all of the attractions this city has to offer, we find the Santa Catalina Monastery. Covering 215, 278 square feet, it was once known to shelter the daughters of the most distinguished families of the time in complete closure. This monastery assimilates a small Spanish town with streets made of stones, plazas, and patios. 

Another especial visit is the country side where wonderful views of the city can be seen. As the perfect complement to this tour, we invite you to try the exquisite southern gastronomy and its popular "picanterias" using firewood as a traditional way of cooking.

The breathtaking Colca canyon, three hours and forty five minutes away from the city, counts with a beautiful sceneries on the way to it.  In this area we can find Pre-Inca ´´Andenes´´ where people at the time used to cultivate barley, quinua, corn, and wheat. In the valley you can participate in adventurous sport such as cycling, canoeing, and trekking. A very important view is towards the Condor cross, a strategic zone where we find the majestic Peruvian condor flying around the area.